Prof. More Subhash KeshavLibrarianM.A. , M.Lib. & I.S.C.-Library Science Prof.More

Library Attendants:

  • Shri Thombare S.P.
  • Shri Lengare B.G.PROFILE         
    Full Name : Prof. More Subhash Keshav
    Date of Birth : 3rd June 1965
    Race : Hindu
    Cast : Hindu-Maratha
    Office Address : Shri. Sampatrao Mane Mahavidyalaya, Khanapur, Tal. Kanpur, Dist. Sangli.

    Pin 415307

    Permanent Address : A/p-Amrutwadi,Tal-Jat,Dist-Sangli.

    Phone : 02344202026 

    Designation : Librarian (Associate Professor )
    P.F. No. : 4542
    Department : Library
    Date of appointment : 01/06/1986
    Income Tax PAN No. : ABBPM3289K
    Academic Qualification:- : M.A. (History), M.Lib.& I Sc.



    Exam Boarb/University Year of Passing Subject Division/Grade/ Merit
    1 S.S.C. Pune 1980 53.86 %  IInd
    2 H.S.C. Pune 1982 Arts 62 %   Ist
    3 B.A. Shivaji University 1985 English Special 51 %  IInd with Honors
    4 B.Lib. & I.Sc. Shivaji University 1986 Library Science 64 %  Stood IInd in Merit
    5 M.A. Shivaji University 1989 History 55 % IInd with B+
    6 M.Lib. & I.Sc. Y.C.M.O.U.Nashik Oct . 2012 Library Science 63.75 %   Ist class
    7 MS-CIT MKCL , Mumbai March 2004 IT 66 % Ist
    8 Ph.D. Appeared 2014


    Service Details




    Present designation

    Academic Experience







    Working as a Librarian, since 1st June 1986 up to this date.

    University approval No.Affi-T-6-83-89, Dated 03-09-1986.

    Librarian (Associate Prof)

    29 Years. As a Librarian.


     Academic Performance

    Orientation  & Refresher Courses completed : 1.      Refresher Course in Library & Information Science at Shivaji University ,Kolhapur for the period 24/02/1997 to 17/03/1997

    2.      Refresher Course in Library & Information Science at Academic Staff  College Goa University , Punji (Goa) for the period 19/04/2000 to 09/05/2000

    3.       Refresher Course in Library & Information Science at Academic Staff  College Goa University , Punji (Goa) for the period 25/07/2001 to 14/08/2001

    4.      Refresher Course in Library & Information Science at Shivaji University ,Kolhapur for the period 25/07/2002 to 14/08/2002

    Other Social  and Academic Work :
    Professional Association Membership : 1.      Shivaji University College Teacher Association  Governing Council Member  Sangli District For the Year 2015 to 2017

    2.      Shivaji University College Library Association  ( SUCLA)

    3.      College LMC Member

    4.      Maharashtra Federation of College Library Association Member.

    5.      Shivaji University Teacher Selection Committee – Subject Expert in Various colleges

    6.      Shivaji University Examination Flying Squad  Chairmen and Member.

    Jajau Manila Manch, Khanapur


    : ·         Founder Acting Member 2012 to Till Now
    Participation In Instructional Social Responsibility and Extension Activity. 

    1)    Departmental visit to Library –

          Hindi dept. students visit to library Date – 19/10/2016 


    On the occasion of Death Anniversary of Late Hon. Shri Sampatrao     Mane 

    3.Vachan Prerana Din Celebration : 15 Oct 2016

        Dr. A.P.J.AbDUL Kalam Birth Anniversary

    Library Profile

    Libraries are the centers of learning and the treasure house of knowledge. These are mainly service oriented organizations and play a very important role in the overall development of a nation.

    The college has very maintained library. The library is established in 1983. The library has all types of collections like text books, reference books, journals, periodicals and magazines etc. library provides sufficient services to faculties, students and staff. There is a future plan for library computerization.

    The detailed information about nature and functioning of our college library is as included in the following paragraphs.

    Library committee

    As advisory committee for the library is formed as per university  rules and regulations under the chairmanship of the senior faculty members of college.

    Objectives & functions:

    1. Allocation of funds to various departments. Monitor subscription to journals.
    2. Procurement of books, selection of books by H.O.D.’S.
    3. Control an appropriate expenditure.

    Assesses the functioning of the library, library services and give hints to the librarian, in this connection to make improvement.

    Library committee for the year 2016-2017

    1. A.K. Nikam –        Chairman
    2. S. K. More –        Secretary
    3. S. S.Kashid –         Member
    4. D.H.Dhekale        –          Member
    5. D. B.Devkate –       Member
    6. A. G.Yerage –       Member
    7. S. S.Saptal –       Member

    The library committee meets thrice or more in the year as per necessity. Minutes are recorded and actions taken are reported in the next meeting of the committees.

    Librarian involvement in the following academic activities of the college: 

    1. Member of the  local managing committee.
    2. Member of teaching staff council and sub committees (purchase committee, magazine , counseling committee etc.)
    3. To help-college administration, admission, examination etc.
    4. To help the careers guidance sell and take the lectures on general knowledge.
    5. Shivaji University Teachers Selection committee worked as a subject expert in various colleges.
    6. Shivaji University Examination Flaying Squad worked as Chairman and Member.


    1. The funds for the library come by the way of:
    2. Contribution from library fee
    3. Grant from college budget- for maintenance & repair, furniture.
    4. Fund from UGC.

    Library budget:

    Library budget for the year 2016-2017 :-

    Senior college:

    336 students x Rs. 50/- =16800                 Library books      –        15,000

    (Against fee collection)                      Periodicals            –        7,000

    Remaining expenditure from             Newspapers                   –        14500

    College fund                                      Library expenses –        5,000

    Junior college:

    All expenditure for junior                 Library books      –        5,000

    College fund

    Subject wise budget allocation (senior college books)

                                 Amounts Rs. 15,000/-

    1. Marathi           2000
    2. Hindi           2000
    3. Economics           1500
    4. English          1000
    5. General           3000
    6. History           1500
    7. Politics           2000
    8. Geography                  1000
    9. Computer Science         1000

    Physical infrastructure:     

    1. Area of the library:
    2. Main library Area                                        –       936 sq ft.
    3. Seating Capacity for students in reading room   –    40 No.
    4. Seating Capacity for faculty members                      –       10 No.


    1. Strength of Students:
    Years 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
    Degree 336 393 267 362 330
    PG 20 20 31 24 21
    Junior 139 137 158 132 137
    Total 495 550 456 518 488

     Staff members:-

    Sr. No. Desc No.
    1 Teaching staff  (Degree) 12
    2 Teaching staff  (Junior) 06
    3 Non-teaching staff 08
    4 Other members 05
      Total 31

     Working days    – The  library kept open all working days and remains close                      on Sunday & holidays.

    Working hours    – Monday to Friday       –        8.00 a.m. to 5.00 pm.

    Saturday                        –        8.00 a.m. to 2.00 pm.

    During examination                 –        8.00 a.m. to 5.00 pm.

    Total books –      (As on 20 Jan. 2017)

    Senior section Books 8135
    Junior section Books 2002
    UGC Fund Books 738
     Gift books 149
    Total books 11024

    Department of Library & Information Science  

    (Library Books as on)

    Sr.No Particulars 2004-2005 2016-2017
    1 Senior College Books 5379 8135
    2 Junior College Books 1407 2002
    3 Gift Books 145 149
    4 UGC Fund Books 738
    5 Journals & Periodicals 10 22
    6 Newspapers 09 10
    7 CD/DVD’s 02 15
    Total  No of Books 6931 11024

    Department of Library & Information Science

    (No of Books added in the Year )

    Sr. No. Year No of Books Added Reference Text
      No Rs No Rs No Rs
    1 2010-2011 239 30556 48 15996 187 13820
    2 2011-2012 160 34847 89 29817 70 4880
    3 2012-2013 233 42874 58 27054 165 15820
    4 2013-2014 406 63322 52 24610 342 36137
    5 2014-2015 1096 267241 807 245281 289 21960
    6 2015-2016 192 33345 35 16265 143 16160
    7 2016-2017 40 43755 40 43755

     Department of Library & Information Science

                            (Library Books as on) 

    Sr.No. Particulars 2004-2005          2016-2017
    1 Senior College Books Text Books – 3102


    Text Books – 5026


      Ref.Books –   2243


    Ref.Books –   3070


    2 Junior College Books Total Books – 1407

    Rs- 60,000

    Total Books – 2002

    Rs- 1,20000

    3 Gift Books Total Books –  145 Total Books – 149
    4 UGC Fund Books Total Books – 738

    Rs. –

    5 Journals & Periodicals Total  – 10

    Rs- 8000

    Total  – 22

    Rs- 18000

    6 Newspapers Total  – 09

    Rs- 6000

    Total  – 09

    Rs- 14400

    7 CD/DVD’s Total  – 02


    Total  – 15


    Department of Library & Information Science

    (Department wise Book list)

    Sr.No Department/Subjects Reference Books Text Books Total No of Books
    1 Marathi 826 1317 2143
    2 Hindi 443 1090 1533
    3 English 467 619 1086
    4 Economics 158 684 842
    5 Political Science 216 441 657
    6 History 231 558 789
    7 Geography 147 352 499
    8 STD 87 86 173
    9 Environment Science 11 15 26
    10 Commerce 88 366 454
    11 Computer 78 02 80
    12 Biography & Autobiography 135 0 135
    13 Physical Education 20 09 29
    14 Social Sciences 34 0 34
    15 General studies 605 0 605
    Total No of Books 3546 5539 9085

    Nature of library work:

    Classification    –  All library books classified by Dewey Decimal Classification    Scheme .

    Cataloguing/ OPAC   – Near about 9500 Data base is created

     Accessioning     – Registers are mentioned for accessioning of books and data base is created of senior college and UGC books.

    Processing         –  Having all processed.

    Acquisition       – Library books acquired as per student, staff requirements& as per budget allocation.

    Selection of books – by HOD’S,  principal and library committee and students recommendation form.

    Library services:

    Lending of  books  –

    Home leading       –        (average per day)

    Issuing                  –        50-60

    Return                  –        45-50

    Reading room      –   (average per day)

    Issuing & returning    –   10

    Borrowing facility:

    For students   -No. of  books – 2

    Duration     – Textbook -1 week (maximum -2 week)

    Ref .book            – 7 days

    For teachers – No. of books – 15

    Duration    – 15 days to 1 month

    Student can used library membership card & identity card student can used for borrow library material. If original card lost, duplicate may be issue the student. The scholar students are eligible to take two more books.

    Rules for borrowing books:

    The borrow card are not transferable. In cases of late return, student will have to pay fine 1 Rs. per day. Ref. book is not issued for home lending purpose. For damage or lost books they have to return replace copy or to pay the cost of book. (Ref .books can use in the library only)

    Searching of books:

    Searching of books as per student demand conveyed through demand slip, orally and Online Catalogue of data base of library.

    Charging and discharging record writing:

    Brown system      –        for student

    Register system    –       for teachers & staff

    Reference services :

    We are providing reference services as per the demand of student & staff.

    Average :

    5-10 number of users approaches daily reference section.

     Other services:

    Library providing following other services –

    Newspaper clipping service, book display, open access, book exhibition, preparing of book list of new addition, outdated books,  book bank scheme,  reading room facility etc. some of these services providing to the alumni and external student and the other member of the society for their higher studies , competitive exam etc.

    List of academic Journals:

    1. University news
    2. Arthbodhpatrika
    3. Shikashan sankraman
    4. Lalit
    5. Lokraj
    6. Hans
    7. Yojana
    8. Viswamaidan
    9. Readers digest
    10. Bhartiya Itihas  Ani Sanskrutui
    11. Economic & Political Weekly
    12. Digit

    List of Periodicals :

    1. Nokaries Sandarbha
    2. Yojana
    3. Readers Digest
    4. Grahshobhika
    5. Lalit
    6. Lokarajya
    7. Vidnyan prasar Dream 2047
    8. Hans
    9. Nokarai sandharbha
    10. Economic & Political Weekly
    11. Bharatiya Itihas & Sanskruti
    12. Careers 360
    13. Genaral knowledge ( SPNS)
    14. Marmik
    15. Shikshan Sankraman
    16. Yeshachi Parikrama
    17. Spardha pariksha Nokari sandharbh

    List of News papers :

    1. Pudhari
    2. Sakal
    3. Keshari
    4. Tarun Bharat
    5. Lokmat
    6. Maharashtra Times
    7. Times of India
    8. Punyanagari
    9. Agrovan – Sakal

    Audiovisual Section

    1. CD`S – 15
    2. CD 1- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Lectures.

    Same procedure is Appling for Accessioning, Cataloging, and issuing works

    This library material is using for academic and extension activities for student.

    6) Curriculum Activities :

    1. Orientation services are providing to college student for library use
    2. Documentation services – for student – staff – Other users
    3. Bibliographic services – to student and faculty
    4. New arrival section – For newly purchased books for faculty.

    7) Reports :

    1. Annual Stock checking
    2. Monthly library report

    These reports are presented & submitted to library committee

    8) Registers:

    1. Following Register are maintained –
    2. Accession registers (senior college books, Junior college books, Gift , UGC Books etc.)
    3. Issuing registers – Student & Staff
    4. Reading room registers
    5. Periodical registers
    6. Withdrawal register
    7. News paper register
    8. Student membership register
    9. Subject registers
    10. Book –Bank
    11. News paper accessioning register
    12. Staff library Visit register

    9 ) Files:

    1. Book order file
    2. Recommendation of books file
    3. Bill file – junior /senior books, periodical, news paper, lib. Expenditure
    4. Budget allocation file
    5. Correspondence file – books , periodical journals
    6. Other staff file – lib. Membership file
    7. Donation file
    8. Book Exhibition file
    9. Book bank file
    10. Administration file
    11. Dues file
    12. Committee file
    13. Book donation file
    14. Stock taking file
    15. Documentation file
    16. Stationary
    17. Important paper cutting
    18. Notices file
    19. NAAC file
    20. Syllabus file
    21. Publishers catalogue file

     10)    Maintenance :

    Books are arranged in classified order and displaying current volumes. Books & volumes of periodical properly shelved on rack.

    A ventilating system ensuring adequate – fresh air and fan lighting system etc. for the constant use of  books  & maximum utility , books binding rebinding work doing usually , through the fumigation, poison keeping & cleaning activities treating for protection of lib. Material

    11) Seasonal operation :

    Lib. Building and equipment, furniture maintenance & regular checking is making in working order as monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually, cleaning of stacks & furniture work is doing in day today routine.

    Stock taking activity doing per year in vacation period & annual report submitted in lib. Committee meeting. Books are withdrawn as per procedure and for the withdrawn book register is maintained.

    Lib. Staff is helping in college administration admission & examinations

    12) Staff :

    Lib. Staff is as bellows

    1. Librarian –       1
    2. Attendant     –        2

    Job specification :

    Job/work distribution for the staff is as given bellow


    • Acquisition of books and other material
    • Budget allocation to various departments
    • Manage the library meeting and discus library problems
    • Overall supervision administration, maintenance, discipline
    • Books accessioning, classification and data base catalog maintaining
    • Scanning the periodical, news papers and maintain important articles
    • To provide lib. Services to user
    • Staff issuing
    • Stock checking
    • Reporting the principal
    • To help the admission & examination work, college administration

    Library attendant:

    • Cleaning library premises, stacks & other furniture
    • Reading hall discipline
    • News papers, periodicals arrangements records maintain & displaying.
    • Processing of books- labeling, pasting, stamping.
    • Bill forward process
    • Preparation of question paper set
    • Student membership –procedure
      books and other material –issuing
    • Students attendance- reading room attendance
    • Maintenances of book & library premises, furniture
    • To help the supervisory in any work
    • To help –admission &examination work
    • To help –the librarian in seasonal operations
    • Outdoor duties.

    Department profile

    Inputs from the department:

    • Name and address of the department


    : Shri. Sampatrao Mane  Mahavidyalaya, khanapur Dist-sangli 415307

    • Telephone no. -9423809293
    • Year of establishment – June 1983
    • Built up area of the dept. in sq.ft.-936
    • of the student –different programs

    During the year 2015 -2016


    Three year B.A degree



    Degree course

    Two – year junior course


    Level of study

    Under graduate


    Under graduate


    Higher secondary

    Student strength






    Total 488


    • of Library , technical and administrative staff of the department :
    Total no. of staff male female total

    Administrative staff

    Lib. Attendant











    Total 3 3


    • Does the department have academic, administrative and financial

    Academic matter




    Yes                   no


    If yes what extent?

    There is no intervention of office in day today work of the library. Librarian handles all the activities in association with clerk and library attendant. Budgetary prevision for library is mad in the annual budget of the college. Librarian has freedom to allocated and incur expenditure as per policy decision taken in the meeting of the advisory committee.

    • Number of student’s members of the library during current year? Year 2015-2016
    Class Male Female Total
    F.Y .B.A



    11th arts

    12th arts




















    total 299 168 467


    • Furnish the following detail
    • Books in the departmental library Total – 11024
    • Senior section- 8135
    • UGC Fund – 738
    • Junior section- 2002
    • Gift section – 0149
    • Journals / periodicals subscribed by the department – 22
    • Now there are 10 periodicals in library
    • Computer in the department – 4
    • Teachers who have attended national international seminar – Yes
    • Teacher who have been resource person at workshop/ seminar –Yes
    • List of staff with their designations qualification acquired recently filed of specialization , years of experience age and sex.
    Name of staff Designation Qualification Specialization Experience Age Sex
    Mr. S.K. More


    Librarian M.A , B.lib. & I.sc Library Science 29 51 Male

    S.P. Thombre


    Shri. B.G. Lengare

    Lib. attendant



    Lib. attendant




















    12.What of the faculty is in research?-Yes

    1. List the major thrust area within the subject in which research activities are begin pursued.- Ph.D.is under process.

    14.Give details of ongoing projects funded by external agencies funding agencies.- NIL

    1. Hoe do the teacher update themselves for discharging their teaching research responsibilities?

    The Staff update them salves , By attending orientation , refresher courses, seminar, workshops etc.

    Reading books on new issues, current periodicals, journals, news papers

    Working as a visiting lecturers etc.

    1. What is the annual budget allocation of the college to the department

    -Budgetary allocation  (library fees)

    -Share to grant from the govt.

    – UGC grants etc.

    1. Furnish the following data

    -Ratio of student to staff                             -N.A.

    -Number of research papers published        – 1

    1. Any other highlight

    Mr. S. K. More     –  Is recognized for the post of librarian according to the Shivaji University , letter no.  T-6-8389     dated – 30-09-1986

    Teaching experience : As a librarian 29 years on degree college.

    Working as Staff selection committee member in the subject library  and Information Science at various colleges by Shivaji University as a subject expert last 15 years.

    University examination worked as external Senior supervisor as well as University flying squad  member last five years. One National research paper is published in book form.



                            Books(Senior College) –

    Year No of  books added Amount spent

    Rs.              P.

    Total No Of Books Total Cost Of Books

    Rs.           P.

    2010- 2011






    Up to

    20 Feb.




















                                           Books (Junior College)




    As on 20Feb. 2017

    Number of Books added



    Amount spent





    (Gift books)             149                                                   —-

    UGC Books              738                                      1,89,403

    ——–                                ———



    Statement showing the subject wise no. of books (up to 20 Feb. 2017)

    Senior college

    Subject                                    No. of books

    Marathi                                             2143

    Hindi                                                  1533

    English                                              1086

    History                                              789              Geography                                        499

    Politics                                               657

    General ref. books                             1019

    Commerce                                         454

    Economics                                         842

    Computer                                                 80

    Physical Education                                   29

    EVS                                                           26

    Social science                                            34

    Biography                                                 135

    General studies                                          605

    Total                                                          9085

    Library rules & regulations:      (for students)

    Library timing:   – Monday to Friday  – 8.00 to5.00 p.m.

                                Saturday                 – 8.00 a.m. To 2.00 p.m.

    Library membership:

    All those students, who are admitted in this college, can becomes the members of the library. Library membership card is issued after the submission of the form enclosed with admission receipt, library deposit receipt and identity card. Library members can use the library material on the credit on the membership card. The cards are not transferable.  In  case library card is missed/ losses the student should the intimate in writing.

    Membership period:

    Member ship period of current academic year is valid up to one-year e.g. final examination.

    Library membership should be renewed every academic year.

    Library admission:

    At the time of entrance the name should be registered in the register maintained.

    The belongings (bags, purse, book, and, notebook) should be placed on the counter.

    Student signature is necessary while using the library material.

    Silence should be kept in the library.

    Library material should be handled carefully.

    If indiscipline or miscounted is noted in the library, the library membership will be cancelled.

    Book circulation:

    Timing – 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

    (Reference and other material)

    • Two books at a time for one will be issued against membership card.
    • Books will be issued on concerned classes on the scheduled days only.
    • News paper, magazines, questions papers ref. books etc. can be used in the study room on submission of identity card.
    • The book once used will not be renewed
    • In case if the book is not returned on due date, fine will be charged.
    • Before accepting any material it must be checked by the student.
    •  While returning any book or magazine etc, found in bad condition  or the loss of book it should be replaced by new one or if the book is not available it one and half of printed cost will be charged.
    • Library card, books and magazine should be returned immediately after the annual examination.
    • 12th & graduation passed student or others who are living the college can get the library deposit back on submission of application.


    Reading room:
    Complete silence should be maintained in the reading room.

    Students are not allowed to sit in the reading room without                                       identity card.

    In case silence is not maintained or rules are branched they will not allowed sitting in the library


    Maximum and proper use of the library for all, co-operation is accepted, through observation of discipline and rules.

    1. Junior college teachers are allowed maximum ten books, like stories & novels concerning their subjects. After ten borrowing will be stopped.
    2. In these more than two stories, novels, biography etc. will not be issued. The period for these books is maximum ten days. Fine will be charged in case of late cases.
    3. Senior college teachers are allowed maximum fifteen books, like stories & novels, concerning their subjects. The number of books like stories & novels will not be more than two. The periods of these books for ten days. Fine will be charged in case of late cases.
    4. CHB/part- time teachers are allowed maximum five books, concerning their subjects after fin e the borrowing will be stopped.
    5. Administrative staff is allowed maximum two books.
    6. Society’s office bearer is allowed maximum two books.
    7. Society’s office bearers are allowed maximum two books for fifteen days. Teachers from other colleges of society are allowed maximum two books on the permission of their principal.
    8. Unless membership form is filled no one from the above can borrower from the library.
    9. All employees are bound to return the books due on their names before the end of the second term. In case of those who do not do so, a written report will be sent to the principal.
    10. If an employee distorts a book, he will have to pay full binding charges.
    11. If a book is beyond use or loosed concerned employee have pay its present price/cost.
    12. Teachers are not allowed to issue books to the students on their credit.
    13. Teachers are not allowed to carry books, bag, purse, or other material while entering the book section.
    14. A reference books, magazines, question paper sets syllabus, manual report are not allowed to students/employee/teachers, outside premises of the library.
    15. Student or other person is not allowed in the library section or no periods are allowed.
    16. The library borrowing has to be made in person, via borrowing is not allowed.Book Circulation

      Timing – 8.00 am to 3.30 pm

      (Reference and other material)

      Two books at a time for one week will issued against membership card.

      Books will be issued on concerned classes on the scheduled days only.

      News paper, magazines, question papers, ref. books etc.

      Can be used in the study room on submission of identify card.

      The book ones used will not be renewed.

      In case if the book is not returned on due date fine will be charged.

      Before accepting any material it must be checked by the student.

      While returning any book or magazine etc., found in bad condition or the loss  of book it should be replaced new one are the book is not available it’s one and half of printed cost will be charged.

      Library card, books and magazine should be returned immediately after the annual examination.

      Annual result will be reserved if there are any dues.

      12th Std. and graduation passed student or others who are leaving the college can get the library deposit back on submission of application.

      Reading Room:

      Complete silence should be maintained in the reading room student are not allowed to seat in the reading room without identity card.

      In case silence is not maintained or rules are braked they will not seating in the library.



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