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Founder of Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha, Khanapur

Late Ganpatrao Krishnarao Mane was born in Khanapur. He was born in a Royal & famous family of Naik Nagoji Mane, who was originally from Maswad Tal Phaltan Dist Satara. Birth in royal family of G.K.Mane was awarded as Mulki Patil & due to which he was very popular in the local area for his justice. Due to his popularity & justified Nature he stated a trust called as Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Khanapur in 1933 during Britishrule before Independence. He started Boarding in the year 1940 for poor & needy student during that time.
Trust started 400 voluntary Primary schools throughout Khanapur Taluka & near by Area. He also started Primary, Secondary Schools near by area of khanapur. Late sou.Rajasbai Ganpatrao Mane used to help him in his day to day life & also used to look after the Institutions in his absences. G.K.Mane started secondary school at Karanje & Palshi. He established this trust for overall development of society & to demolish the inequality from society.
He dead on 31/10/1977 which was the death of the leadership of Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Khanapur. He was Local Board Member of South Satara region.

Information About the Organization :

Name of the Organization: Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha, Khanapur
Year Of Establishment : 1933
Register Under : Mumbai Reg Act 1860:-No.1094
Reg Act 1950 :- S.F.17/Sangli

Brief History Of Organization:

The trust was established in 1933, from that time it has been actively working for rural area development, through educational institutes, program held for framer to educate regarding quality product, conducting class in rural area to impart english, conducting boarding for poor and backward class student. The trust from the establishment used to conduct 400 voluntary schools for rural students, after establishment of zilla prishad the said schools were merged into zilla parishad schools. The said trust is also working as key person in promoting awareness regarding aids which is the need of today’s society, trust is also working to strength the weaker section of the society, trust also working for women welfare, said trust had started small money saving groups for women’s for there own development, it also work for development of environment by plantation of trees in various parts in rural area, with the help of the society.

Now a day’s trust executes :-

  • One :- English Medium School
  • Three :- Marathi Medium High Schools
  • One :- Junior College
  • One :- Senior College Of Arts
  • One :- Post Graduate Diploma College Of Computer

For ruler and dot porn affected peoples and women’s development.

Women Related Activities Conducted By Organization:

1. Small saving group of women’s
samruddhi mahila bachat gat (small saving group)
Survana mahila vikas mandal
2. Self-employment activity of women’s

  • Swing machines
  • Home appliances
  • Animal husbandry
  • Group farming
  • Planting nursery

3. National tribal community re habitation

 Objective Of Organization:-Objectives

  1. Conduct a boarding for poor students of all casts who are unable to maintain themselves and prosecutor there studies on account of there pricuniary circumstances.
  2. To encourage the studies to students to forget the caste destination to imbibe in them by in them by way of education the society and moral progress, to create the liding for returning and to store intra as to now to become local citations.
  3. To spared the primary, higher and technical education to opening voluntary schools, colleges in villages.
  4. To open english medium schools to improving the educational status.
  5. To try and spreading the agricultural and industrial education among the ruler students.
  6. To carry out the educational pregame by means of lectures, publications and by other means.

Feature Plans Of Organization
Educational Development :Educational-Development

  1. Agricultural school and college
  2. Technical college
  3. management school and college
  4. residential school and college
  5. building a stadium for development of national and international games.

Social Plans:social_plan

  1. Agricultural clinic
  2. Dairy on line
  3. Health awareness
  4. Prohibition of drugs
  5. AIDS awareness
  6. Develop self employment
  7. Developing small saving group of women’s
  8. Advanced technology awareness through computer to women’s

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