IQAC – profile

IQAC  Committee

Sr. No.

Name Designation
1 Shri   Rajakumar  Sampatrao Mane Chairman
2 Prin.  Dr.  Arjun  Subrao Patil Principal
3 Prof.  Dr. Arjun G.Yerage Coordinator
4 Prof.  Dnyanoba B. Devakate Co-coordinator
5 Prof.  Ankush  K. Nikam Member
6 Prof.  Dadasaheb H. Dhekale Member
7 Prof.  Ganpati R. Shinde Member
8 Prof.  Subhash K. More Member
9 Prof.  Dr. Dasharath  R. Deshinge Member
10 Shri.  J. K. Kharade Member
11 Shri.  Dr. Kiran  Narade Member
12 Shri.  Dr. Alok  Narade Member
13 Smt.  Chaya  S. Chavan Member
14 Shri.  Shrad S. Kadam


Key Points: The IQAC will work –

  1. To improve the quality of higher education through various academic activities and student support activities in the college.
  2. To enhance the infrastructural facilities for both, male and female students.
  3. To provide departmental reading rooms for students in the college.
  4. To establish a good and hygienic canteen for both students and teachers in the campus.
  5. To set up active placement cell and enhance its efficiency through tie ups with different institutions.
  6. To encourage students to participate in various competitions across the country and to help them in this regard. (Debating, quiz, Talent search exams etc.)
  7. To provide various Career Oriented Courses (COC) along with traditional courses for better employment opportunities. These courses will run on Sundays and holidays for better conduction.
  8. To provide free health checkups for female students on a regular basis.
  9. To encourage faculty members to register for Ph. D. and to motivate them in completion of their research work.
  10. To encourage the staff members to apply for financial assistance from various institutes like UGC, ICSSR, lCIHR, Indian Science Academy, DST  etc. for the completion of their research work.
  11. To organize Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Symposiums etc. in different subjects like Political Science, Economics/ History.
  12. To organize remedial classes for students in subjects like English, etc.
  13. To establish a well equipped Competitive Exams Cell for conducting various classes, coaching and competitive pre-exams like MPSC and UPSC, etc.
  14. To set up strong Grievance Redressal Cell for both students and teachers.
  15. To implement student adoption scheme in the college.
  16. To strengthen the departments like NSS, NCC, Earn and Learn etc.
  17. To organize Soft Skills and Personality Development workshops for teachers as well as students in each semester.
  18. To make students aware about the environment though various activities like workshops on Rain Water Harvesting.
  19. To make students participate in various State, National, International level sports competitions.
  20. To provide various playgrounds like Handball and Kabaddi to the students and develop their skills through sports.
  21. To promote various study tours in all faculties (at least one in every faculty).

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